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Jun 1, 2017

As the Orioles look to put the month of May behind them, we at B-more Opinionated have taken it upon ourselves to talk about the tough decisions the O's front office faces -- with a Duquette, no less!

Former O's & Mets executive, Analyst on and MLB Network Radio, and Dan's own cousin Jim Duquette joins the show to discuss the process of developing talent, what options the team may have via trade, and their chances with looming free agents such as Manny Machado.

Jason La Canfora and Jerry Coleman go further in depth on the birds' woes, as well as our Minor Leaguer of the Week, Jerry's homework assignment, and Jason's married-guy rant!

May 18, 2017

On a double-stuffed episode of BMore Opinionated, we are joined by legendary columnist and co-host of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, Mike Wilbon to help us rag on DC sports -- while also bringing perspective in terms of where the Wizards and Capitals go from here.

We're also joined by the only living trainer of a Triple Crown-winning horse, Bob Baffert. Bob discusses life after winning it all with American Pharaoh last summer, his love for Baltimore, and the future of the vaunted (yet dilapidated) Pimlico Raceway.

And, as always, we are packed to the brim with O's talk, our Minor Leaguer of the week, Jerry's homework, Jason's married guy rant, plus much more! Don't miss it.

May 11, 2017

On another jam-packed episode of the BMO Show, Ravens' top draft choice Marlon Humphrey joins the show to talk about the draft process from his perspective, as well as getting acclimated with the team, just how much (or little) knowledge or communication he had with the team before his selection, and more!

Plus, Jason and Jerry recap another week in Orioles' baseball as the birds are still jostling for best record in the American League. We catch up with our buddy Trey Mancini, discuss possibilities regarding another friend Hyun Soo Kim, and the continuing evolution of a Britton-less bullpen.

And as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy rant, and our new O's Minor Leaguer of the Week!

Apr 20, 2017

Jerry and Jason open the show discussing the latest Ravens' draft possibilities (3:10), and debate Adam 'Pacman' Jones' latest run-in with the media (10:15). The guys then move on to talk about the week's Orioles-related news before being joined by the Iron Man himself, Cal Ripken Jr. (31:00). Cal discusses 25 years of Camden Yards, the current state of the O's, and even the resting of NBA players. Also in this episode: Jerry completes(!) his homework for the week, Jason's married guy rant, and more!

Apr 14, 2017

Jason and Jerry digest the first week of Orioles action before talking Ravens' draft plans ahead of the upcoming draft. Could the Ravens be setting up a smokescreen by specifically naming WR's Mike Williams and John Ross? Jason La Canfora thinks the Ravens could find a different 1st Round pass-catcher. Homework, Married Guy Rant, and much more! Crack a couple Natty Boh's hon and enjoy this abbreviated edition of Bmore Opinionated.

Apr 5, 2017

Camden Yards got one hell of a celebration for turning 25 this year and opening day was as exciting as any O's fan could have asked for. Senior VP of Planning and Development for the LA Dodgers, Janet Marie Smith, was one of the minds behind the design and construction of our beloved ball park so the guys call her up to get the best history lesson of the stadium available.

Mar 31, 2017

Baseball is on Bmore's mind so the guys talk O's and play GM\Manager.  They even put a wager on a certain roster move that begins being paid out on this episode.  Follow @bmoshowpod to find out what the deal is.  Jason brings the latest from the NFL owner's meetings, including a little hangout with Coach Harbs, and the guys call up Will Likely to talk about the draft.

Mar 22, 2017

You never get a better perspective on a team's locker room than from a guy who just left it.  The All Pro fullback, Kyle HugeCheck, gives you his take on what it's like being a Raven.  Plus O's, Terps, and you know.

Mar 16, 2017

The newest Raven was in town for a press conference and got a little more than he bargained for with the semi snow storm... We're going to go ahead and blame that storm for stealing some of the quality of the conversation but you still get to know Tony better before he dons the purple and black.  The main attraction this week: Coleman finally completed his Orioles related homework.

Mar 1, 2017

The O's are actually playing games... kind of... So Jerry trekked to Sarasota to catch up with the team, including Jason's favorite member of the organization.  The Florida trip also hooked the podcast up with an Oriole legend with some unbelievable stories about his time with the club, Don Stanhouse.

Feb 23, 2017

The guys have been talking about this ever since their trip to the Warehouse... John Angelos makes his second appearance and he delivers his unique perspective on his team, the world of baseball, and well...the world.  The Executive Vice President of the Orioles is always very generous with his time on the pod, so the guys get all of the usual business out of the way first then dive deep with John.

Feb 15, 2017

The former All Star shooting guard for the Baltimore Bullets and current Wizards broadcaster breaks down the Wiz's season like few can.  He also gets historical about the days of the franchise being in Baltimore and his life in the city.  The guys would never leave out Bmore's two true organizations, and really focus on their offseason.

Feb 8, 2017

The Baltimore Legend drops by now that football season is in the books to talk about LI, his time in Bmore, and what the future holds for him.  Unlike some of his peers as a player, Ed did not seek as much publicity and rarely sat down for full interviews with the media, but he did not mince words with the guys.  You have to hear some of his takes on the state of the NFL.

Feb 2, 2017

The guys switch roles this week as Jason is on the road instead of Jerry.  The events of both of their recent trips come up as topics, but the guys focus on what's going to go down in Houston and how the teams in MD are doing, whether they are playing or not.

Jan 27, 2017

Bmore has been getting a taste of spring weather, so the guys get ready for bat cracks and called strike three's with one of the O's top prospects, Trey Mancini.  He has a lot of fun with the guys talking about his stint in the show, his offseason, and his role coming into Spring.

Jan 18, 2017

What's working behind the scenes to bring our favorite Bmore sports teams into our homes on all the different platforms we have available to us?  A former marketing exec for the O's and Rangers, Marty Conway, joins to shed some light on what drives the marketing engine and what the future could hold for Baltimore's franchises.

Jan 12, 2017

The new year is supposed to bring hope and new beginnings, and all of Baltimore was hoping for that with their sports teams.  Bart Scott sheds some light on what to expect from the Ravens after hearing the brass talk about the off season.  More of the same to come in Bmore?  The guys break it all down for you.

Dec 29, 2016

Tough year.... A tough year for Bmore, but the guys are up for taking a look back.  They start with the most recent disappointment, and work their way back through it all.

Dec 22, 2016

You know this podcast won't mince words, and neither do the defensive generals of the Ravens and Steelers, Eric Weddle and Mike Mitchell.  Get up close to the Christmas Day rivalry game and personal with two of the most outspoken players that will play on Heinz Field.

Dec 14, 2016

The Monday Night Football debacle is a tough pill for Bmore to swallow, so J & J discuss went wrong and how the team moves forward.  Just to make sure it's not all doom and gloom about the Ravens this week, the guys have fun recounting Jerry's encounter with The Hoodie, Bill Belichick.  The Winter Meetings are over and it's time to dig into the O's off season too.

Dec 8, 2016

Few players can make waves in the media like number 89. He ruffles feathers all over the country, and even right here in Bmore... one half of BmoreOpinionated in particular.  Steve is more open than you've heard before about the team and his future.

Nov 30, 2016

The showman, the face of the franchise, the MVP? Justin Tucker is in the conversation for many titles on the Ravens, but BmoreOpinionated knows one thing for sure - he is the most entertaining of all the Ravens.  What a hell of a week to get the pro bowler on, too.

Nov 23, 2016

Even with all the spectacular athletes, highly respected managers and visionary executives that have graced the pod, few have made the kind of impact on American culture like Barry Levinson.  Most importantly though, none of them have been as big of a Baltimore sports fan.  Barry spends a lot of time talking with the guys about the state of the city's sports, as well as some of the stories making headlines around the country.  He even teases a bit about his upcoming work.  Barry is a perfect fit on the pod as he is not afraid to give his opinion.

Nov 16, 2016

Jerry has flooded the Ravens' locker room with cookies and it's starting to pay off with two wins in one week.  One of the most gracious recipients, Joe Flacco, took a little time to talk with the guys at practice to get all of you ready for the game in Big D.

Nov 9, 2016

Being a member of the Ravens' Ring of Honor, a former department head in the Purple and Black's front office, and a player for the Cleveland Browns qualifies Ernest Byner as an expert on this wee's AFC North matchup on Thursday night.  The guys know sports aren't the only thing on everyone's mind, so they try to have some fun... amidst the despair, with the election results coming in.

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