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May 26, 2017

With the news of the NFL rolling back punishment for excessive celebrations after touchdowns, we at the BMO Show felt it was only appropriate that we brought on one of the biggest experts on the NFL's hypocrisy: Chad Johnson.

Ochocinco goes into detail with Jason and Jerry about his unique relationships with Roger Goodell, Marvin Lewis, and other memories from his playing days against the Ravens.

We also check in on the sputtering Orioles as Baltimore looks to recover from a bad case of Ubaldo.

As always, we also get into Jerry's homework assignment, Jason's married guy rant and Minor Leaguer of the week, plus much more!

May 18, 2017

On a double-stuffed episode of BMore Opinionated, we are joined by legendary columnist and co-host of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, Mike Wilbon to help us rag on DC sports -- while also bringing perspective in terms of where the Wizards and Capitals go from here.

We're also joined by the only living trainer of a Triple Crown-winning horse, Bob Baffert. Bob discusses life after winning it all with American Pharaoh last summer, his love for Baltimore, and the future of the vaunted (yet dilapidated) Pimlico Raceway.

And, as always, we are packed to the brim with O's talk, our Minor Leaguer of the week, Jerry's homework, Jason's married guy rant, plus much more! Don't miss it.

May 11, 2017

On another jam-packed episode of the BMO Show, Ravens' top draft choice Marlon Humphrey joins the show to talk about the draft process from his perspective, as well as getting acclimated with the team, just how much (or little) knowledge or communication he had with the team before his selection, and more!

Plus, Jason and Jerry recap another week in Orioles' baseball as the birds are still jostling for best record in the American League. We catch up with our buddy Trey Mancini, discuss possibilities regarding another friend Hyun Soo Kim, and the continuing evolution of a Britton-less bullpen.

And as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy rant, and our new O's Minor Leaguer of the Week!

May 3, 2017

On the other side of the 2017 NFL Draft, Jerry and Jason are back to discuss everything about the Ravens' selections. The guys spar over the Ravens mentality and their decision to forego offensive weapons in the draft (3:00) before we welcome in the team's Assistant General Manager, Eric DeCosta (14:00). Eric and Jason go pick by pick for the birds, and discuss some of the tough decisions the team faced throughout the draft including O.J. Howard, Ryan Anderson, and others! Plus get the lowdown on how the team sought after Marlon Humphrey, Tim Williams, and the rest of the 2016 draft class.

We're also talking Orioles, Adam Jones and the indefensible Red Sox fans (38:00); Jason's married guy rant, Coleman's homework... And last but certainly not least, learn the degrees of separation between Uncle Jerry and supermodel legend Elle Macpherson (I guarantee it's less than you think). It's a packed show on this week's episode of BMore Opinionated!