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May 3, 2018

Hate to say we told you so! Well... that may not be fully true. Jason and Jerry give the full postmortem on the Ravens' invigorating draft, reviewing our predictions and how Ozzie and the front office came through big over the weekend.


We're joined by the top draft choice himself, TE Hayden Hurst, in a conversation any Ravens fan will be ecstatic to hear. Hayden is a fun, genuine, confident dude that fans everywhere will be excited to root for. He goes into his first impressions of The Castle, working with Lamar Jackson, and more!


Then, we discuss another week in the life of the wilting Orioles. Are we any closer to making big changes? We discuss.


And as always, we have Jerry's Homework, Jason's Married Guy Rant, and much more!

Apr 26, 2018

In one of our best shows of the year, our own Jason LaCanfora empties his notebook ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft, and Ken Rosenthal returns to the show to talk everything Orioles!


We open the show talking about possibilities in the early rounds for the Ravens (3:00), the potential quarterback scenarios (14:00), and the rest of the AFC North (18:30).


Then we talk another week in Orioles listlessness (22:00) before being joined by one of our favorite guests ever, fresh-off-the-DL, The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal! (27:00) Kenny goes into detail about the pending shifts in the Orioles front office, Manny Machado's future, and even the prospects of one particular Baltimore legend who may be waiting in the wings. A fantastic conversation you won't want to miss.


And, as always, we have our Minor Leaguer of the Week, Homework with Adam, and Jason's Married Guy Rant.

Apr 20, 2018

The boys make it clear that the course of action for the Orioles needs to be drawn out in coming weeks, not months. We go over Ken Rosenthal's piece in The Athletic covering the O's front office flux, the past week in Orioles plight, desired roster changes and more!

Then we move on to the Ravens with our own insider Jason LaCanfora to discuss all the latest scuttlebut in terms of draft prospects and free agency, including Dez Bryant.

Our guest this week is one of the top Tight Ends in the upcoming draft, Ian Thomas. Ian's story growing up in Baltimore is nothing short of remarkable. We discuss the perseverance of his incredible family, and excitement going into the draft.

And as always we have our Minor Leaguer of the week, our homework assignment, and Jason's Married Guy rant!

Mar 28, 2018



Our favorite holiday of the sports calendar is upon us as Opening Day has reached Baltimore! The boys talk all thing O's, go over our annual Over/Under predictions, discuss final roster decisions, and more!

Then, we're joined by's resident prospect guru Jonathan Mayo to break down the O's farm system and help predict which baby birds we may see in Baltimore before the season is out.


Plus, we have the long awaited debut of Adam's new Orioles theme song! And as always Jason's Married Guy Rant is a treat. Listen on your way into the game, and Go O's hon!

Mar 23, 2018

We're just a week away from Opening Day and the Orioles are.... listening to our pleas?!


Jason and Jerry go in-depth on the newest addition to the Orioles, Alex Cobb, as well as the further developments of Spring Training.


Then we head to Sarasota where Jerry was able to catch up with Orioles Director of Player Development, Brian Graham! Brian gives us the lowdown on all of our (Jason's) minor league curiosities, including Ryan Mountcastle, DJ Stewart, Tanner Scott, Stevie Wilkerson, and more of our favorites from down the farm!


The boys also discuss another week in NFL Free Agency, including the Ravens' exciting addition of WR Michael Crabtree.


And as always, we have our homework, Jason's Married Guy Rant, and much more. Check it out!

Mar 1, 2018

The first week of Spring Training games are in the books, and the Orioles still seem to be stumbling their way into shape. Jerry and Jason discuss all the latest goings on in Sarasota.

Then, the boys touch on the not-so-feared turtles of the University of Maryland as the Terps fall backwards into the B1G Tournament.

Our featured guest for this week is the great Ed O'Bannon, who shot first salvo in the legal battle against the NCAA's alleged "Amateurism."

And, as always, we have Adam's homework, an ALL-TIMER Married Guy Rant from Jason, and more!

Feb 16, 2018

As the Orioles' pitchers and catchers report to good ol' Sarasota, we here at the B-More Opinionated podcast are brushing off the dust and kicking off a new season of relentless venting about our favorite birds of Baltimore!


Jason and Jerry delve into an early preview of Spring Training, and run down some of their hopes and goals for this team (spoiler alert: they're pretty low). They talk about the O's chances to enter a rebuild with a new young core, as well as the seemingly constant frustration with those in the Warehouse (Hi, guys!)


Then, we bring in Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports and MLB Network to help bring some perspective to the Orioles' conversation. Heyman has been breaking news about the O's more than anyone in the last year, and he discusses the handcuffs of ownership, the chances the birds spend or rebuild, as well as Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter's futures in Baltimore.


And as always we have Adam's homework, Jason's Married Guy Rant, and much more!

Feb 9, 2018

What a week it's been! Steve Bisciotti held the state of the Ravens, the Super Bowl overdelivered, the Orioles... re-signed Craig Gentry?.... and the Wizards excel despite losing their best player! We have it all covered on this week's episode.

Jason and Jerry go in-depth on Bisciotti's attempt to frame the beleaguered narrative surrounding the Ravens and touch on the Orioles before our old friend Tony Massenburg stops by to weigh in on the drama in D.C. with John Wall and the Wiz!

Plus, we have a bonus guest in honor of Ray Lewis's induction into the Hall of Fame -- former Ravens' Super Bowl-winning coach, Brian Billick! Jason caught up with Coach on radio row, and gives us 5 good minutes on Ray, the current state of the NFL, fan attendance, and more!

And as always we have Adam's (attempted) homework assignment, Jason's Married Guy rant with stories from Super Bowl week in Minnesota, as well as a much-needed intervention with Jerry about his privileged parking habits. Check it out!

Jan 31, 2018

There are few sports legends in the history of Baltimore that had as much of a presence as our guest this week, Ray Lewis!!

While Ray gets ready to head into the Hall of Fame this weekend, we are joined by the man himself for an exclusive interview for Baltimoreans.

We also have plenty of notes and frustrations from Fan Fest, and preview the big game on Sunday!

And as always we have our homework with Adam where we plan a MiLB Road Trip for the ages, a legendary Married Guy Rant with Jason, and much more!

Jan 27, 2018

We're privileged to be joined this week by Ravens' Tight End and all-around great human being, Ben Watson!


Ben talks about his efforts in the community, his rehab from a brutal achilles injury, considering his future, and more!


And as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's married guy rant, and much more!

Dec 21, 2017

Coming off a decisive victory against the formidable CLEVELAND BROWNS, the Ravens prepare for another slobberknocker matchup with the fighting Irsays!

Jason and Jerry give a full recap of Sunday's expected, but needed win in Cleveland before looking ahead to the Ravens' Saturday matchup against the Colts.

Then, the boys touch on the O's trepidation to actually keep themselves open to different sorts of trades involving Manny Machado -- and Jason has a trade proposal for a certain in-division rival.

We're joined this week by one of our favorite guests, our own VoiceOver talent, Kenny Albert! Kenny talks his experiences (or lackthereof) with Baltimore rats, life at Madison Square Garden, and!!! ...not much more.. hey, it's the holidays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And as always, we have Jason's Married Guy Rant, Adam's homework assignment (a special investigation edition!), and much more!

Dec 14, 2017

It's an age of existential crisis when it comes to Baltimore sports. The Ravens lose a heartbreaker to the Steelers in frustrating fashion, the Orioles are (finally) coming to their senses as fans start to grasp the idea of a post-Manny Birdland.... and we're talking it all!


We start with a full recap of Sunday Night's epic matchup (4:05), and preview the scariest game vs. a winless opponent this city has ever seen.


Then, we discuss the news coming out of MLB's Winter Meetings that the Orioles are fielding offers for superstar Manny Machado... a year too late for our liking, but what can you do? (26:00)


Our guest this week calls in from none other than the Winter Meetings itself, as Mark Feinsand of -- formerly of the NY Daily News -- talks all things AL East in the Winter Meetings. (34:45)


And as always, we have Adam's homework assignment, Jason's Married Guy Rant, and a whole lot of Jerry being Jerry... check it out!

Dec 8, 2017

As the Ravens gear up for prime time rivalry week, Jason and Jerry recap Sunday's big win, Jimmy Smith's woes, and look ahead to Sunday night vs. the Steelers!


Then, we're privileged to be joined again by former Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Ray goes into detail about his work as a speaker, coach, and the rest of his life away from the playing field. As always, Ray is amazingly humble, candid, and accountable. Ray also shares his perspective on Colin Kaepernick's circumstance as someone who also has never gotten to work out with a team -- let alone get the chance to start again in the NFL. We also talk Ravens, mental wellness, building a post-playing career life, and more.


As always, we have Jason's Married Guy Rant, Adam's homework, and some Orioles talk hon!

Nov 30, 2017

While the Ravens continue to sputter towards a likely pointless playoff push, we take a step back and see how falling fan enthusiasm is sending waves through Baltimore.


After recapping Monday Night Football's partially-attended yawn'er, we're joined by our old friend Johnny Crabcakes of Jimmy's Famous Seafood to talk about how business based around Ravens games and fans have fallen off and why. (14:00)


Then, we're thrilled to be joined by Lions linebacker Brandon Copeland -- whose story you'll have to hear to believe. From Baltimore's Gilman School to the Ivy League to Wall Street to the NFL, Copeland's a pretty remarkable human who does Baltimore proud every day. Don't miss one of our best interviews yet! (30:45)


And as always, we have Jerry (and Adam)'s homework, Jason's Married Guy Rant, and our predictions for this week's game! Don't miss it, hon!

Nov 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from B-More Opinionated!


After a rough stretch heading into the Bye week, the Ravens bounced back with a vengeance on Sunday against the Packers. Our own Jason La Canfora and Jerry Coleman break down the shutout victory and what it means for the team's playoff hopes.


The boys then look ahead to the Ravens' Monday Night Football matchup against the Texans, and look around at the rest of the AFC and see what the Ravens' have in store ahead.


Then, Jason and Jerry touch on the latest with the O's as the team locked in its protected minor leaguers on the 40-man roster this week -- with one notable omission that we revisit from our interview with Orioles Manager Buck Showalter.


And as always we have Jerry (and Adam)'s homework, Jason's Married Guy Rant, and more.


Bring BMO Show with you on your Thanksgiving travels! We are thankful every week for Natty Bohs, Otterbein's Cookies, Bob Bell Nissans, and listeners like you!

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